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Core Services

Empowering organizations to improve HR strategic role to achieve business goals.

Synergy  facilitates Creating Individual Development Plan aligned with org. policies.

Leadership Coaching

Leverage the scalability of enhancing the leadership attributes are met by Leadership coaching

Using talent acquisition and retention Strategies, we prepare talent for the future. 


Motivate stakeholders to deliver & redesign benefits to help organisations optimize resources

Enable to engage and enhance exp. for employee, build efficiency in processes, reduce cost. 

Channelizing engagement by Designing and Crafting KRA's in line with business needs

Pre and Post Exit

Facilitating its clients with entire end-to-end employee life cycle management services

Change Management

Solutions to bring about systematic desired change in the Org. to achieve Targets.

Synergy Talent Managers a boutique HR Consulting firm

Affilliate Services

ESOPs Planning

Expertise in designing ESOP framework of defined contribution (employee benefit plan)


Counsel on various issues like Employee’s personal and family life, inability to do his job.


Defining the essence of your company how it is unique and what it stands for

Employer brand is the market’s perception of your company as an employer.

Brand Strategy

Brand and talent are directly proportional to each other. Good Brand attracts good talent

Analytics & Reporting

HR analytics which enables them to make data-driven decisions.

Wellness Coaching

Assess their current physical and emotional state, and helps them set goals

CSR and Community 

We design a CSR Programme , the marketplace and the environment.

Innovative Learning & Development Interventions

Assess and design customised interventions in productivity enhancement.

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