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The  Sexual Harrassment of Women at Workplace(PoSH)

(Prevention,Prohibition and Redressal)

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Awareness and Capacity Building for IC members

This training aids in awareness and capacity building with relevant legal inputs to deal with Sexual Harassment incidents in and around you.

  • With the enactment of the 2013 Act it would arise in a wide range of employment relationships. Employer Liability arises in both Law depending upon the type of the workplace involved. It is the duty of the employer to organize workshops and awareness programmes at regular intervals for sensitizing the employees with the provisions of the Act and orientation programmes for the members of the Internal Committee. 

The programme is designed as below:

  • Awareness session for all employees

  • Capacity building training for IC members.

Key Takeaways 

Awareness Session:

  • Indepth awareness on the PoSH Act and individual responsibilities.

  • Employee is cautious and knows on how to deal with such situations.

  • Has an in-depth awareness on employer obligation and liabilities.

  • Learning via Case-studies.

Capacity building training for IC members:


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Best teacher is the one who makes learning fun

Sheela Divekar

Managing Partner, Synergy Talent Managers

Associated with Legal Firm for PoSH Matters. Conduct Awareness Training sessions for employees and Capacity Building Training for IC members.

Has been instrumental in capacity building sessions for Companies in MSME segment.

Is External PoSH member on IC committees of various companies.

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Stats talk 
For Themselves

Compellingly embrace empowered e-business after user friendly intellectual capital. Interactively actualize front-end processes with effective convergence.


Client Success

Clients create a safeworking conditions for their employees


Advices given

We advise on matters on PoSH


Businesses guided

We help our clients to have a safe work place.


Goals Achieved

Clients trust us for the fair and right advice.


Who should attend ?

Awareness Sessions: Awareness sessions are mandatory for all employees in an organization – Managers, Leadership team, IC members, Human Resource Professionals and Employees(direct and indirect)- must go through the training. 

Why Capacity Building on PoSH?

The foremost obligation under 2013 act is to ensure that a complaints mechanism is established in accordance with law which is equipped to enquire into and redress complaints of sexual harassments. 

Scope of PoSH for IC

  • Sources & Interpretation of Law.

  • Development of the Law of Sexual Harassments. 

  • Objective of the Act. 

  • Understanding the Definitions & Important Provisions of the Act.

  • Illustrative examples of various forms of Sexual Harassment.

  • Consequences of the Sexual Harassment issues on Organizations and on Individuals.

  • Inquiry procedure and “Principle of Natural Justice”.

  • Sexual Harassment & other related Legislations.

  • Case Studies.

  • Questions & Answers session.

who should attend
Wellness Coach


Get Trained by world class PoSH Trainers?

The programme is conducted by our internal team who have been external members and have experience in daleing with matters that fall within the purview of the Act. Online programmes could be customised and delivered in coordination with the client.

Duration of the Programme: 6hours
Batch Size : Entire set of IC 


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